Filming: Progress and Issues

I have started production of the 9 films. After the first two, I uploaded the files onto my computer to edit the colours and trim the clips, and realised I may have to embrace the ‘crap aesthetic’…

A weakness in my tripod resulted in the films not quite lining up in the ‘unemployment’ scene. I therefore moved and rotated the clips until they lined up, but this left gaps around the sides of some. Putting another film behind resolved the issue, except you can see the joins in some places, as you can see below.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 21.49.06.png

This may not be as much of an issue as I had thought as others have picked up on this appearing like a computer-related glitch, which does fit in with my theme. The quality of the videos is not impeccably clear but this doesn’t bother me, as online games don’t connate the most up to date technology anyway, so it again fits in with aesthetic. However it may benefit from increasing the exposure slightly.

Otherwise, production is progressing well, I have even got some bloopers from the language librarian asking about our plans and moving our props. I will be filming in the studio tomorrow so hopefully there will be some generous people around to be in the background- Gaenor from the admin staff is graciously taking part in the film tomorrow, so I will update this post with photos from the filming process.


Assessment Piece: Development and Testing

Since the conception of this plan, my film has gone through many changes and developments, not to mention a period of learning with Premiere Pro being a new skill.

A narrative was recorded to play over the film, which has since been discarded. An homage to Pipilotti Rist was added, the film was edited in a stylist fashion, including flashbacks being shown in an old fashioned TV format, and three sequences were arranged together.

I have also made protest placards to add to the presentation, which link the presentation back to the flashback protest scenes seen in the film. The placards also serve to make the viewer consider protest in general, the potential for change vs the apathy of populations, during this time of political unrest.

The film could echo a multitude of current political issues, including the women’s marches, Trump and feminism, trade and brexit, and unrest in the population overall. I therefore like the addition of the placards, as they add more dimension to the film, both literally and metaphorically. I like that this film provides the opportunity for it to be interpreted in many ways, with the common message of activism made clear by the placards in front.

Today I began building the signs (painting sourced cardboard and stapling on table-sawed sticks) and testing their arrangement. The film was clearly visible on top of the signs, which I purposefully built to be washed out. The washed-out, perhaps rained-on aesthetic, adds to the authenticity of the placards that I was hoping for.

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Final Test: