Location Photography

As the next stage in the production planning, I went on an adventure around local areas finding locations that would work well for my film. These are my chosen locations:

  • School library = language library in Edith Morley.
  • Office environment = art office.
  • Family home = St George’s common room.
  • Car = Enterprise car park.
  • Unemployed bedroom = my bedroom in halls.
  • Gallery = art studio, central gallery.
  • Homeless = bench outside art studio (facing Enterprise).
  • Arrest = street in Reading.
  • University = my desk in halls.

I would like to keep the palette rather muted, unsaturated, grey and blue. This is to show the dismal nature of life, and contrast it with the bright, fun connotations of a ‘game’, and perhaps the website. I have chosen to dress the protagonist in a blue sweater, keeping in this scheme, and tying all of the different actors together to the same character. I will need to take this into consideration when dressing the locations, but also in editing in post. I have experimented with editing the hues in the photos seen above.

I have ordered the photographs to show a flow diagram that will be used in the create your own adventure of my interactive website, inspired by the Create Your Own Adventure books.

Printing all of these photographs and arranging them visually has the different pathways, and the probability of different outcomes more obvious. It is clear to me now that there is a high chance of unemployment, and that there are only a few final positions; family, rich, homeless, arrested or famous. These options are seen whichever choices are made, in all pathways. This backs up my point that whatever choices you make, your fate will be similar.

Finding the locations has allowed me to continue brainstorming what I will include in each scene in terms of props etc. I have purchased the sweater and props, and am looking into borrowing other things. The next step, once all the props and locations are ready, is to borrow actors and equipment and start filming!


Create Your Own Story Board

For the mid-project exhibition, I decided to make my storyboard worth presenting, unlike my storyboard for ‘VIVID’ which was very rough. I used the format of the Create Your Own Adventure books and created a kind of comic/game layout to the storyboard. It is mostly black and white; I’d like the palette of my film to be very monotonous (but without too much manipulation in post).

It is of course different to how my website/game will be formatted, but I will be using the storyboard aspect of the piece in my filming. The next stage of my storyboarding will be taking photographs of the suggested backdrops, then making a filming schedule and hiring actors/actresses.

In this storyboard, I used a mannequin as the characters, as it could represent any kind of person. My protagonist will be played by a range of different actors, to represent the fact that all kinds of people have to make these life choices, without adding the complication of different types of people having different encounters and opportunities.

Assessment Piece: Planning

My original plan was based on the film being made as part of a collaboration, but I then simplified it into a film that I could feasibly make alone. The simplified-plan can be seen via the link. I am currently advertising for two actresses to play the main woman and the street cleaner. Please message me if you are interested!

I have also redrawn the story board so that others can visualise the film like I can:


I went to London at the end of the week to meet my film production mentor, Loran Dunn, for the first time, and while I was there, I explored some areas that could be used as the London backdrop.

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Assessment Piece: Exploring Ideas (Jan)

The first thing I decided for this project was that I wanted to continue exploring the digital side of my work, and produce a digital piece for assessment, for example a film or animation.

I had a couple of short concepts in the past that weren’t perfect, or for which I needed CGI. I explored some CGI artists in my Artist Influences pages, but finally decided that it would not be possible. After exploring many different inspiring short films/animations etc. in my artist influences page, I decided to make a short film. I have been exploring a couple of ideas, inspired by my peers Rachael Clark and Margrethe Liland.


Rachael was speaking last week about making something lighthearted and fun but that represented how she felt. She made plastic bubbles that seem to grow from the walls like a fungus, which sounds gross but was beautiful with the bright colours and lights. The discussion that followed was about foam machines and dancing, which is often the centre of Rachael’s work. This is what inspired my concept, not so much Rachael’s aim for a lighthearted representation of how she feels (if I am interpreting her idea correctly). Please see the idea that followed:

img_7267 img_7269

It starts out very lighthearted and a celebration of being happy while alone, and then turns out very creepy towards the end of the short, and explores the idea of the club scene. The crowding and panic, as well as the hidden dangers. I wanted to take the opportunity that the foam obscuring the camera would provide, and add this illusion:

I haven’t spoken to Rachael about this yet; it depends on which idea I decide to go with.

My other main idea is much more lighthearted, and was based on Margrethe’s idea about bananas representing penises and penis envy. When we were discussing it last week, it developed into a comment about how penis envy is stupid because penises are unnecessary. Kate mentioned a text by a woman (don’t know whom, or what text- please help!) who wrote about how men will become useless in the near future. Another student mentioned that bananas are predicted to die out soon as well, due to farming issues.

I then imagined a world in which bananas were running out- a seemingly ordinary world. The world would not change without bananas, and the world would not change without men (in terms of this concept). The idea that resulted was a whimsical illustration of this world- just normal, but without any bananas or men. I had some ideas for the story, and the style. I like the idea that it would be stylised- shown in black and white with the camera/editing selecting only yellows. Below is my idea, which works very well I believe with this song playing in the background, which sums up the mood and is a big hint to the concept.

img_7267 img_7268

I will discuss these ideas further with Kate, Rachael and Margrethe tomorrow.