Winter Project: Display and Finishing

I furthered the media idea into the displaying of the posters, by using newsprint for the background.

The text ‘Perspective Is Everything’ was written in a graffiti font through a stencil I made.


I displayed this work on the walls of the studio using a hammer and nails.



Winter Project: Painting Portraits

My first step was, as planned, to make two identical drawings. I decided to trace an image of a man in a suit onto two A4 pages of watercolour paper so that the man himself could be standardised.

The style and surroundings of the people were the only things that varied, so that they alone could inform the viewer’s impression of the man depicted.

I aimed for the first image to make him appear like an admirable man, and painted it in Kerry James Marshall’s style in acrylic. The image below aimed to make him appear as a hated man, and was painted in Lou Ros’ style in ink.

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In our crit is was mentioned that neither one seems like a particularly good person, due to the flag’s connotation of Nationalism.

Assignment 1: Propaganda


Final pieces:

I used a screen print that was too small and too old and made this:


I then went on to use a dabbing method with this stencil and the next stencil:


The final assemblage (?):


Should be a good exhibition!