Winter Project: Photo Transfer

To tie the two images together, and give them context, I decided to transfer a selection of photos on top of the paintings. This was inspired by Njideka Crosby’s style.

This is when I got the idea to include the media, as a part of the propaganda theme. The images chosen therefore were from news stories from 2016.

However, I encountered a problem with photo transfer, in that any successful transfers were extremely unclear, using the first technique I found.

It suggested wetting the paper and the image and then rubbing the image onto the page. My first attempt found that photos printed by laser printers were waterproof. Inkjet photos were only slightly more successful.


I therefore moved onto another technique.

  1. Glue the photos face down onto the paper with PVA glue, and let it dry overnightimg_7220
  2. In the morning, soak the page with a sponge, and gently rub away the paper until just the image is left behind on the original page.img_7221

After the above practice, I applied it to the paintings. It again didn’t work 100% reliably, but  I didn’t want the images to be particularly clear either so it wasn’t serious.


img_7225 img_7226