Fake News Game


The BBC have released a new game, created by Aardman Animation. It is aimed at young people to try and educate them on how to spot fake news and false information in the media.

It uses films and choices to make a create your own adventure style game, so your performance as a journalist is impacted by the choices you make. Decisions have consequences. In my concept, whatever you decide to do results in similar endings. The films comprise of people speaking to the camera to drive the narrative forward. It is formatted like a desktop computer with website ‘pop ups’ and email etc. The buttons, calling, dialling and emails etc all have sound effects, and there is a theme tune playing in the the background. It is the BBC theme tune whichever i a bit suspenseful. I would like to have this in my film, to make the sometimes mundane choices seem more pressure filled. I liked the use of sound effects and the layout of the site as well. This could be helpful once I am at the stage of creating my own site.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 16.18.35.png


Winter Project: Display and Finishing

I furthered the media idea into the displaying of the posters, by using newsprint for the background.

The text ‘Perspective Is Everything’ was written in a graffiti font through a stencil I made.


I displayed this work on the walls of the studio using a hammer and nails.