Assessment Piece: Presentation Plans

While editing and developing my film, I improved the flashback clips to appear more as if they are on a vintage television, using effects and masks. I have also since added bananas over the faces of the few men in the film, mostly on the side films, in order to give another hint, and style

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I am approaching completion of my film and must now arrange my three sequences onto into one presentation.

I have been considering how I would like the film projected on the show reel, and I am now considering getting a performance slot so that I can have the film projected onto a specific backdrop. It would be protest signs to link the banana idea to the flashback protests, and hint at the message of the film.

If I decide to make this backdrop, I will need a presentation slot, and to take some measurements. It will only fit approximately, I imagine. I will need to go and buy some fluorescent yellow card, some white card, large markers, and sticks for the handles. I would then nail it into the wall, making use of the workshop, but I’m not sure if health and safety would allow for that at the moment.

There is still a lot to consider.