Documentation: Y3 Summer Assessment

Please see Studio to see my concept and pieces progressing over the year, and see Studio Influences to see the relevant artist research I have done this year. Thank you for taking the time to explore!

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Winter Project: Display and Finishing

I furthered the media idea into the displaying of the posters, by using newsprint for the background.

The text ‘Perspective Is Everything’ was written in a graffiti font through a stencil I made.


I displayed this work on the walls of the studio using a hammer and nails.


Personal Project: Final Execution

I decided to further my self portrait and let go until the point where the painting didn’t look like a portrait any more. I decided to complete the painting while sober in this case, because I knew I had no inhibitions about making it a mess at this point, as that was my aim. Unfortunately I won’t be able to add an image of the exhibited work before this is read, but below I have an image of the finished painting which I will not be including in the exhibition.


Rather, I will be exhibiting the finished animation of this self portrait’s descent into madness, alongside the other two finished animations. Since the last crit I have also edited the other two paintings into looped animations, whereas before they were .GIFs. Their slow changes makes it more mesmerising to watch.

The finished videos, that can be seen in Autumn Assessment, appear on their sides, because they will be exhibited on a portrait orientation television.

Personal Project: Execution

Below is the finished painted animation commenting on the link between stress and depression. As stress levels increase, the depression levels increase and the clarity (and quality) of the painting, and of thought, decrease. This was achieved by me drinking slightly more at each stage. I don’t think that this is something I want to make common practice, although it did successfully lead to a much looser style towards the end.

After photographing each stage, and uploading the images into photoshop, then ordering and lining up each photograph, I made a slideshow. I wanted the transition of each frame to be very slow and hypnotising. My housemate said that “watching it is like being drunk”.

I made two versions of the slideshow; one almost eight minutes long, in the hopes that if it was hung on the wall, perhaps in a frame, viewers would find the change almost imperceptible. They wouldn’t be completely sure if the portrait was moving or not without watching for a long time, making the portrait quite magical. I will put this version below as well.