Fake News Game


The BBC have released a new game, created by Aardman Animation. It is aimed at young people to try and educate them on how to spot fake news and false information in the media.

It uses films and choices to make a create your own adventure style game, so your performance as a journalist is impacted by the choices you make. Decisions have consequences. In my concept, whatever you decide to do results in similar endings. The films comprise of people speaking to the camera to drive the narrative forward. It is formatted like a desktop computer with website ‘pop ups’ and email etc. The buttons, calling, dialling and emails etc all have sound effects, and there is a theme tune playing in the the background. It is the BBC theme tune whichever i a bit suspenseful. I would like to have this in my film, to make the sometimes mundane choices seem more pressure filled. I liked the use of sound effects and the layout of the site as well. This could be helpful once I am at the stage of creating my own site.

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 16.18.35.png


Illustration: Fwozen Animation

My final project for illustration was ambitious. For the brief ‘words to images’, I wanted to animate a recording I had of my 3 year old friend reading me a story. As she can’t read, it’s an illustration of what she remembers of the story, and also of how a 3 year old speaks.

I therefore used kinetic typography to show how she speaks, and made puppets in photoshop. I then imported the puppets into after effects and moved each part to animate it. This was a slow process, but I am happy as it is was my first time using after effects.

Below is the final product:

Coding: Animation

For this brief we had to make an animation that of course changed over time, and lasted at least a minute. It could have an interactive element and include video, images or audio. Mine includes audio; a water sound which plays continually, and a drop sound that occurs when one clicks the screen. A ripple also appears and expand when one clicks the screen.  The background sound is represented with stereo sound waves made of bubbles.

It is also interactive in that when you click in the vicinity of one of the moving fish, they turn around and swim in the other direction.

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Assessment Piece: Exploring Ideas (Jan)

The first thing I decided for this project was that I wanted to continue exploring the digital side of my work, and produce a digital piece for assessment, for example a film or animation.

I had a couple of short concepts in the past that weren’t perfect, or for which I needed CGI. I explored some CGI artists in my Artist Influences pages, but finally decided that it would not be possible. After exploring many different inspiring short films/animations etc. in my artist influences page, I decided to make a short film. I have been exploring a couple of ideas, inspired by my peers Rachael Clark and Margrethe Liland.


Rachael was speaking last week about making something lighthearted and fun but that represented how she felt. She made plastic bubbles that seem to grow from the walls like a fungus, which sounds gross but was beautiful with the bright colours and lights. The discussion that followed was about foam machines and dancing, which is often the centre of Rachael’s work. This is what inspired my concept, not so much Rachael’s aim for a lighthearted representation of how she feels (if I am interpreting her idea correctly). Please see the idea that followed:

img_7267 img_7269

It starts out very lighthearted and a celebration of being happy while alone, and then turns out very creepy towards the end of the short, and explores the idea of the club scene. The crowding and panic, as well as the hidden dangers. I wanted to take the opportunity that the foam obscuring the camera would provide, and add this illusion:

I haven’t spoken to Rachael about this yet; it depends on which idea I decide to go with.

My other main idea is much more lighthearted, and was based on Margrethe’s idea about bananas representing penises and penis envy. When we were discussing it last week, it developed into a comment about how penis envy is stupid because penises are unnecessary. Kate mentioned a text by a woman (don’t know whom, or what text- please help!) who wrote about how men will become useless in the near future. Another student mentioned that bananas are predicted to die out soon as well, due to farming issues.

I then imagined a world in which bananas were running out- a seemingly ordinary world. The world would not change without bananas, and the world would not change without men (in terms of this concept). The idea that resulted was a whimsical illustration of this world- just normal, but without any bananas or men. I had some ideas for the story, and the style. I like the idea that it would be stylised- shown in black and white with the camera/editing selecting only yellows. Below is my idea, which works very well I believe with this song playing in the background, which sums up the mood and is a big hint to the concept.

img_7267 img_7268

I will discuss these ideas further with Kate, Rachael and Margrethe tomorrow.


Personal Project: Exhibition

As soon as the third years were finished with the flatscreens, I snapped them up. With Dave’s help I hung the brackets and the three TVs onto the wall. They were just what I was hoping for, although in future I will paint the animations to the same aspect ratio as the TV I think.

img_7041 img_7042

When I finally turned on the TVs and set up the films from my USB stick, I found that the films were in fact upside down. I made the decision to rotate the films overnight and bring them back, rather than take down the TVs and turn around the brackets.

I couldn’t think of a professional looking way to frame the TVs, so I decided that the TVs own frame will do the job. However, in future I may also frame the TVs so it looks as much like a framed painting on the wall as possible.

I am very happy with the way the TVs work in the space as well. It will be quite a digitally focused room by the time the exhibition is finished, which I’m sure it already is. My films are looped on three TVs, one as you come in, and then two on a dominant wall, but on the main projecting wall there will be a film projected onto the blue wood panels that can be seen in the video below, as well as a film projected from the ceiling onto a table in the entrance way, and perhaps some performances in the middle of the space.

I think it will be an exciting room, and I wish that my family and I could see the finished product. It would also be good to add to the film seen here. I made the following film from clips on the deadline day. Most but not all of the work was completed by this point, and the activity adds to the atmosphere. The sped up portions of the film emphasises this.

Personal Project: Final Execution

I decided to further my self portrait and let go until the point where the painting didn’t look like a portrait any more. I decided to complete the painting while sober in this case, because I knew I had no inhibitions about making it a mess at this point, as that was my aim. Unfortunately I won’t be able to add an image of the exhibited work before this is read, but below I have an image of the finished painting which I will not be including in the exhibition.


Rather, I will be exhibiting the finished animation of this self portrait’s descent into madness, alongside the other two finished animations. Since the last crit I have also edited the other two paintings into looped animations, whereas before they were .GIFs. Their slow changes makes it more mesmerising to watch.

The finished videos, that can be seen in Autumn Assessment, appear on their sides, because they will be exhibited on a portrait orientation television.