Green Screen Workshop

The green screen workshop with Dave was very informative, and pretty inspiring for my project. I would feel quite confident using the lighting, which he highlighted as an important aspect of using a green screen, due to my Photographic Art Direction module that I completed abroad.

He spoke about how to make objects seemingly float by placing them onto chairs covered with the chroma key fabric. They can then spin or move, whilst floating. To do this, one must first film the scene without any ‘talent’ in the shot, so that the area covered by the chair can be overlaid later.

For my purposes, that is post-production works rather than live tv, I would just film the talent with the green background and props etc. and then edit that film in Premiere Pro to overlay a second video or image into the green areas. Or, I suppose, remove the green areas and have another video layered behind.

Other suggestions included green contact lenses, green areas painted onto people to show holes or missing limbs, green windows in cars, green paint in paintings. He points out that any colour would work, as long as the background is flat, such as the blue sky. Picking out one colour to swap to gifs or images could be fun.

I also learned that you can purchase ‘chroma key sets’. This involves an image of an environment, or multiple images of that environment from different angles if sensors and more money are involved, which you can then pretend to act in, as demonstrated in the video below, or in the news.

I am thinking that this could be useful in film making because it removes the necessity of finding locations and sets. It would also allow me to incorporate found footage etc. I am now  considering this in relation to my own film work.

He mentioned ‘vision mixers’ and an app that costs less than £3. I will look into this on my iPad. The real version is used to switch between different video sources, for example when live streaming a sports match. Special effects can be achieved by mixing several video sources.


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