Winter Project: Plan

This winter break, I was given the task of looking at my classmate Jamie Ampleford’s blog and creating an interpretation of his work.

I found this to be a difficult task, because his work is superficially similar to mine, in that we both like to do portraits, and painting. I therefore cycled through many ideas before landing on the final concept. It was clear from Jamie’s blog that the medium that he used, and the fact that he kept his focus on portraits, was extremely important to him.

I therefore focused on showing the power of portraits, and their medium, on people’s interpretation of the content. This related strongly to political propaganda, and since Jamie’s final piece centred on political figures, I am creating a diptych of propaganda portraits.

The two portraits will depict the same person, who is introduced to the audience as a politician, but the context and style will determine how the subject should be viewed. I am considering displaying the two images separately so that those who see the first image will see the subject as good, whereas those who see the second image will see the subject as evil.

I will be manipulating this by using different environments for the subject in each, as well as different colour palettes. I think the lighting of the faces is important, and so I will need to take some photos of a man lit from beneath, and from in front.

The main manipulation will be in the painting style, as I will use a different style in each. I chose Kerry James Marshall in acrylic and Lou Ros in ink to influence these paintings, based on Jamie’s artist influences last term, although for the latter I will be aiming to reproduce the style that Jamie himself interpreted from Lou Ros.

The graffiti-esque style of Lou Ros lends itself well to political propaganda, and I may also look at Banksy. Another artist that I will be incorporating into both paintings, to tie them together will be Njideka Cosby, who I saw in the enhancement week. I think that Jamie would like Cosby and find her work very useful himself.

I will be using her technique of transferring photos on top of the painting, to add more context. Here is my current plan:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I will also now be adding to my Artist Influences section.


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