Personal Project: Exhibition

As soon as the third years were finished with the flatscreens, I snapped them up. With Dave’s help I hung the brackets and the three TVs onto the wall. They were just what I was hoping for, although in future I will paint the animations to the same aspect ratio as the TV I think.

img_7041 img_7042

When I finally turned on the TVs and set up the films from my USB stick, I found that the films were in fact upside down. I made the decision to rotate the films overnight and bring them back, rather than take down the TVs and turn around the brackets.

I couldn’t think of a professional looking way to frame the TVs, so I decided that the TVs own frame will do the job. However, in future I may also frame the TVs so it looks as much like a framed painting on the wall as possible.

I am very happy with the way the TVs work in the space as well. It will be quite a digitally focused room by the time the exhibition is finished, which I’m sure it already is. My films are looped on three TVs, one as you come in, and then two on a dominant wall, but on the main projecting wall there will be a film projected onto the blue wood panels that can be seen in the video below, as well as a film projected from the ceiling onto a table in the entrance way, and perhaps some performances in the middle of the space.

I think it will be an exciting room, and I wish that my family and I could see the finished product. It would also be good to add to the film seen here. I made the following film from clips on the deadline day. Most but not all of the work was completed by this point, and the activity adds to the atmosphere. The sped up portions of the film emphasises this.