Personal Project: Reflection and Progress

At our crit, people seemed to agree that I could push this painting even further in terms of letting go. I considered progressing by creating another painting about mental illness, but perhaps more open to interpretation, (the current piece is too prescriptive and illustrative of the specific study I am writing), of a portrait that kind of melts. However, I think that I will kill two birds with one stone, and keep working on the current painting, making it more and more abstract and painterly, perhaps ending up with a pool of flesh colours. I think that the painting at the moment has too many muted flesh colours, but if this contributes to the finished piece, I won’t mind this.

This idea was explored and extended to the idea of making it more of an endurance piece, filming the process of creating the painting, while drunk, and also becoming more and more exhausted, and also to the idea of painting just more and more crazy layers until the painting is physically thicker.

Kate also pointed out that it is very static, which would work if I was trying to convince people that it was just a normal painting like Bill Viola does, but is less interesting than if I wanted to make it more of an animation. I could make my puddle of flesh more dynamic by rotating it perhaps at the end, or at least by moving the focus of the film.

They also gave me lots more ideas in terms of artist influences I can look at, so I will be adding some influences in my Artist Influences section now.



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