Personal Project: Plan

I have rejected my original plan of conducting a psychological study. It was too complex, and I decided it wasn’t going to work. I was going to make a complex painting (but couldn’t decide what it should be of), and ask two groups of people to interpret it, after telling each group that a different artist made it. I wanted to investigate whether priming the groups with different information would result in different interpretations.

My new idea is more simple, and is more of an illustration of a psychological study I am currently writing, for my Research Methods module. The hypothesis is that siblings, and stress, are both predictors of depression. So I will be animating an oil self portrait. I will add more and more stressors into the background, while at the same time my expression will get more and more downfallen, until I end up with a sad self portrait, surrounded by a busy background, and holding a bottle of alcohol.

For each stage, I will also be drinking slightly more; more drinking as stress levels go up. This also means that with more stress, the less defined and more messy the painting will become.

I will be taking photographs at each stage to use for the animation. There will be five main stages, but I will take more photos when I add each element perhaps. The gradual changes should be imperceptible when animated with a slow fade between each picture. 

This whole process is very experimental! It is a continuing my exploration of animating paintings. Below are a couple that I have made in the past, and that I really enjoyed. I think they worked well, despite being very difficult, but I was sober while I was working, so this one may be a bit more difficult.


For the above piece I used a new medium called Brusho. My experimentation with this can be seen below.


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