Summer: Projected Hate

It has been one year since I started university; for my last summer project I illustrated a postcard and this year, I cut together a film, an audio file, and built a ‘wall’. The exhibition of this was¬†of course a challenge, but I organised these things yesterday¬†into an exhibition that should run together as fluently as possible.

I made the audio file first, and then the film, neither of which are file types I can attach here, but both can be seen in the above video.

And then when back in Reading, the wall, which I aimed to look as homely as possible, so to give the image of a ‘home’ moving with the immigrants.


The main task of the summer project was to research the ten artists, and then write about one and make art influenced by them. I chose Heather Phillipson and wrote about her:


I also wrote out my intentions for the project before I began its creation.