Impossible Sculpture: Finished

It is installed; the process can be seen in the gallery above. Painting the ceiling in a square with straight lines was a challenge, as was finding a mirror. I was eventually able to hang the boulder though, and place the mirror underneath to create the final installation. The boulder should swing when I have placed the chrome fan.


Impossible Sculpture: Progress

This week I have been trying to finish my sculpture; the ‘floating’ boulder. I have made the boulder, but a big part of the idea is how it will be displayed.

Therefore, I still need to attach a wire or something, hang it from the ceiling somehow, add fans and now I am thinking, instead of putting a plinth underneath, I would put a mirror, and paint the ceiling above it blue. So there is a lot to do in the next week or so before I go on holiday!

So here is a gallery of me building the boulder part: