Impossible Sculpture: Plan

Last week: ‘Draw a sculpture that would be impossible.’

This week: ‘Make it.’

My impossible design is below. (See planning for this)

It is impossible because rocks are too heavy to swing, and mainly because the cloud is made of solid gold and yet hangs from the ceiling. This is expensive and impractical. The idea behind it is that it is kind of comedic to subvert the expectations of light clouds and heavy earth. Take a look at my sketch:


Some simplification and problem solving was required, and we were only asked to make a ‘fragment’ of the impossible sculpture. My idea, therefore, is just the rock that is as light as a breeze. It will be made from plaster over wire I think, and it will be blown by fans. The exhibition of this rock will be very important for the sculpture.

I am thinking of including a golden plinth, perhaps blue walls behind, and it must hang from the ceiling and be blown by fans. I am also considering recording sounds of birds and  wind.

Below is my idea for what I will actually make. Now I just need to build the thing. It is more practical than the conceptual art I have kind of been getting used to! ARTISTS?



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