Assignment 4: Contemporary Paintings, PLANNING

The twist was that we have to paint each other’s written artworks. This takes abstraction to a different place. My artwork was an almost illegible ‘Recipe for “Love”‘, which contrary to how it sounds, was quite dark.

Recipe for "Love"

Recipe for “Love”

This is a photo of the ‘Recipe for “Love”‘. I have since re-written it and analysed it. At the moment, I am planning for what I can paint. My main idea is that it has elements of the light and dark side of love, and includes scenes depicted in the ‘Recipe for “Love”‘. My ideas and planning can be seen below.

We recently had a lecture about text in art and painting, and so the idea that the ‘Recipe for “Love”‘ is difficult to read, adds interest to my ideas for the painting.

At the moment, the ‘Recipe for “Love”‘ is anonymous and when we have finished, I am hoping we get to guess whose artwork was whose, and that they are all exhibited for us to look at. Otherwise we should figure out how to share each other’s blogs so I can see what everyone else is doing. I am excited to see what someone is doing with mine.


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