Assignment 3: Written Fantasy Artworks

This is what I wrote, but I will include a photograph of it formatted and annotated as well. It is 286 words long, and you should read it to figure out what it is about. It is kind of narrative and describes the reader walking through a multi room installation with details about the artwork. It is from my imagination: 

Each room in this multi-room installation is a window to a different zone. The first room is as dark as if it were underground and has only two doors. You enter in the first one and are deserted alone in the maze.

The maze is composed of black frames and ninety-degree angles, tangled and intertwined. There are multiple beautiful coloured lights shining through, casting dramatic shadows that further tangle into Snow White’s ominous forest. There are black barriers everywhere you look, impossible to tell which are real or fake.

When you have traversed the obstacle course, an accomplishment made possible only by a focused mind, the second door automatically opens into silence. Only now do you realise you are leaving light and chattering noises behind you.

As you approach the walls to feel the fleshy fabric hanging from the bars, you are shocked by the first noise: thud. You find the source of the sound to be a tangled ball of fraying fabrics, around half your size. The fabric-covered walls billow like sails occasionally, and the ball rolls slowly around the room, the silence as deafening as the occasional thud. The sounds are looped, and varies from rapid thudding to minutes between thuds.

Eventually you will notice that the ball has been travelling and the walls have been closing in. When the room is as small as a cupboard, and only when asked, the final door is opened by a friendly, beckoning person, who leads you into the final room. It is the real world, perhaps the gift shop, and full of other people. The walls are covered with windows and doors, rather than ominous shadows and rickety bars, and you are free.

IMG_4070 (1)


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