Assignment 2: Manifestos and Typography

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.25.00My Manifesto.

This manifesto is a list of beliefs I have at the moment for art. It was difficult to decide on my beliefs in the third week of university, and considering this, I tried to make it clear that I am keeping an open mind.

I have since annotated it with more ideas and interpretations from the seminar. I think this illustrates the idea that I have an open mind.

Displayed on a public webpage blog like this supports my statement that art should be available to everyone, as does its format with typography printed as a poster. I may still spray paint it, as street art is also public.


Assignment 1: Propaganda


Final pieces:

I used a screen print that was too small and too old and made this:


I then went on to use a dabbing method with this stencil and the next stencil:


The final assemblage (?):


Should be a good exhibition!